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Cash Register Solution

The POS terminal features with elegant appearance and excellent interactive performance with built-in HD LCD display and PCAP multi touch screen. It supports built-in ARM board and X86 board, the interfaces can be customized and can extend its functions by connecting various peripherals which can support outstanding peripherals such as scanner, card swiper, cash case, receipt printer to customers.
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Smart Vending Machine System

The smart vending machines of today are not your normal chip and soda vending machines. Todays smart vending machines can vend a wider selection of items and you can keep track of what has or has not sold from a secure back end data base. Get alerts when your products are low or when the machine is not working. With a smart vending machine you can know more about your business before you even get to the location.

Self Check-out Solution

For supermarkets or shopping centers, self-checkout terminals can identify price and product information by scanning barcodes or reading labels. Consumers can choose their preferred payment method, such as credit card, gift card, etc., with a friendly interactive user interface touch screen. It can provide a wealth of practical information, easy to operate, and greatly improve efficiency.
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Wayfinding System

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Based on our Large Size Touch products and customized software, we provide total wayfinding solutions for various shopping malls. Such solutions can help customers to find their destinations easily, and also can be used as the stores’ advertising platform.

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